Few Reasons to Have a Bhubaneswar Car Rental during a Vacation

Admin | Jun 28, 2022

Generally, we feel that travelling in public transport helps to travel like a local and is also a cheap mode of transportation. However, if you are planning to be in Bhubaneswar during the coming months, it makes sense to have a Bhubaneswar car rental. This year Rath Yatra will have its previous pomp and grandeur, so the rush of devotes and vacationers will be maximum. Let us see in such a situation why it is wise to rent a car from a reputed tour and travel organization.


It is impossible to have the same level of convenience and freedom that you have having booked the Bhubaneswar taxi service if you travel in any other means of transport. You will not be bound to any timetable or schedule and have the liberty to direct your private driver to drive according to your plan. It will be possible to utilize every minute of your precious vacation time to explore and enjoy the state's outstanding natural, religious, and historical aspects.


If you are travelling with family members or a group, it is affordable to hire a cab by being at ODCAR APP. However, if you travel by public bus or tour bus, you have to pay charges for every individual. On the other hand, if you rent a car or a van, it is possible to travel with your group by just paying a single rental charge. This is because the rental cost you have to pay is much less than the cumulative individual charge you have to spend travelling on public transport.

Discover new places at your pace

Suppose you are travelling from Bhubaneswar to Puri. On the way, you can be at various places of tourist interest like Konark, Shanti Stupa and others. If you are travelling by public transport, it may so happen that you are unable to visit the place. If you travel by a tour bus, you have restricted time to explore and enjoy. However, having a car rental, you can explore these places as long as you wish, and no one will obstruct that.

Comfortable ride 

If you have to stay in Bhubaneswar for a period, it is wise to have a monthly cab rental in Bhubaneswar. You can expect that the same car driven by the same professional driver will be at your place daily. The cars are well-maintained, and the drivers are professional and courteous, ensuring that you have a comfortable and safe journey. Such a level of comfort and safety is impossible to have if you travel by public transport.

You now understand why it is beneficial to have a Bhubaneswar car rental. The question is from which car rental organization it is wise to have such a rental. ODCAR is a reliable online cab booking platform making it possible to rent a car in Odisha to have a hassle-free and affordable mode of transportation. It is possible to book instantly by being at their APP or calling them at +91 8260055345.


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